Saturday, August 10, 2019

Practice reflections essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Practice reflections - Essay Example An acute ward is a relatively chaotic place with rapid turnover and different levels of psychotic intensity that needs every sane attempt to engage closely with madness. So we can see and hear different behaviors and different stories in a variety of communication patterns. The only thing that an acute nurse maintains is tact and respect to the patient's person to maintain order and avoid abuse in any form. I was struck by the variety of scenes and hope these people will get back to reality and live a normal healthy life. My third placement was at an elderly care where most of them are sick of Alzheimer or Korsakoff syndrome. It was a different scene then. Everything seems to be quite and we seem to get the cooperation of the patients. But we have to make sure we attend to their personal needs and really have to monitor their medications and activities. Alzheimer's disease affects their control for thought, memory, and language and so they have trouble remembering recent events or the names of familiar people or things in their lives. Even the simple tasks of combing their hair or brushing their teeth or even taking a bath are being forgotten by them. They have problems speaking and understanding that they just wander or sit still when their moods are not being aggressive or anxious. I can just smile recalling the repetitive inquiries for my name. I can just smile recalling giving multiple and same line of introductions to these patients. It is like taking care of big babies. The most unpleasant part is cleaning them after they defecate. For sure the smell is not the same as those of the babies. Taking every scene I encountered lightly and with openness of heart and mind will make me want to help them and express forms of sympathy to their medical conditions. I wouldn't want to be a member of these wards, by the grace of God, no. It is too much to bear being a patient and too much emotion of hurt and stress thinking about the provision of care for these patients in the part of the family or relative. Korsakoff's disease level with Alzheimer's in memory loss due to dietary deficiency of Thiamin or Vitamin B1. It creates damage to several brain areas that is critical to memory. All the same they tend to ask your name every encounter. There were numerous staff approaches in maintaining therapeutic treatment and in establishing therapeutic relationship. We have to get their trust and maintain a friendly atmosphere between us so they cannot be too aggressive or violent whenever they dislike something especially with patients placed in the acute wards. I have noted and cared for some patients from the time of their admission until their discharge. In my four weeks assignment placement, I can see that some have come back and was readmitted again. We are being listed for reflections sessions as part of the placement under practice facilitators. At the wards, we also have mentors and been given Practice Based Assignments (PBA) papers. Here we discuss and reflect what we have seen and learned from the ward, an open forum in cases of clarifications of some issues until they get to sign our individual PBA's. For their respective care delivery, we are just observers and taking notes of the medications and techniques on how to inject

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