Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Marketing design Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Marketing design - Case Study Example Michael E. Porter suggests that businesses must search for a sustainable competitive advantage, which comes from developing a distinctive way of competing (Goett, 1999). As part of the marketing strategy for the oxygen bar, methods for setting it apart as a distinctive brand will be addressed. Population growth and changing demographics are examples of social trends that can have an effect on sales (Nickels et al, 2005). As part of a well-organised PESTLE analysis, the identification of external factors directly affecting the success of the oxygen bar has revealed several relevant issues that could positively impact its survival within the market. It might be argued that oxygen bars are a socio-cultural trend towards better health, as oxygen has been said to boost energy, heighten concentration, reduce stress and detoxify the blood (Davis, 2003). The actual effects of frequenting the oxygen bar are socially independent, meaning that those individuals who have used the bars have found different personal satisfactions regarding oxygen usefulness for health and well-being. However, understanding that oxygen bar popularity has been on the increase globally, similar external social factors towards better, healthy living might well impact a strong customer loyalty to the servic e. In the mid-term, it is possible that new developments in health-related, professional research might indicate a different social trend towards health initiatives, negating positive consumer perceptions of oxygen effectiveness. It might be argued that consumer preferences fluctuate periodically, however, an individual need only witness extensive literature available on UK health studies to visualise a growing trend in better health awareness. Therefore, in the mid-term, no dramatic fluctuations Oxygen Bar 4 in socio-cultural values regarding customer discontinuation of the oxygen bar concept are anticipated. Economic factors, in the short term, do not necessarily affect the ongoing success of the Andrews Adult School Oxygen Bar as the pricing structure for the service will be kept at competitive levels. Pricing will be discussed later in the analysis, but it has been determined that the bar will be maintained at an affordable level, allowing for a broader market to be targeted for bar advertisements. From a community perspective, the oxygen bar will open new job opportunities (especially for the campus student population) and might be accepted for its positive economic impact on the community. In the mid-term, assuming the oxygen bar maintains a level of business and profit success in the community, advancing economic impacts could include more job opportunities to staff the business due

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