Sunday, August 11, 2019

Homework Chapter 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Homework Chapter 5 - Essay Example Explain how air pressure tendency can be a useful indicator of future weather. Answer: Air pressure tendency can be a useful indicator of weather forecast as it is the change in air pressure over a specific time interval, such as several hours. Falling or rising of air pressure signals the approach of stormy or fair weather respectively. Aneroid barometers are usually equipped with second pointer that serves as reference marker for setting current reading. The user can observe the new pressure reading taken at a later time and compare it with reading earlier set on second pointer to determine air pressure tendency. The barograph then provides a continuous trace of air pressure variations with time, making it easier to determine air pressure tendency and forecasting weather. Question 5. Air is a compressible mixture of gases. How does this property of air affect the rate at which air pressure decreases with increasing altitude? Answer: Air is a compressible mixture of gases, so its vo lume and density are variable. The pull of gravity compresses the atmosphere so that the maximum air density is at the earth’s surface. So, the atmosphere’s gas molecules are closely spaced at the earth’s surface and the spacing between molecules increases with increasing altitude. Thus, the number of gas molecules per unit volume (air density) decreases with increasing altitude. Question 6.

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