Monday, August 12, 2019

Digital Revolution in Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Digital Revolution in Marketing - Essay Example Digital marketing uses applications like e-mail, websites, and social networking media to engage with existing and potential customers. In last five years, the emergence of social media marketing as a robust form of digital marketing has fuelled the acceptance of digital marketing among small and large organizations across the globe. This has also helped organizations to enhance their business reach and acceptance in diversified geographical regions. Carter, et al (2007) stated that the concept of digital marketing was first coined in the early 90s that later gained attention and significance in late 2000s. With a number of using digital marketing as a mode of enhancing and strengthening their relationship with customers; digital marketing evolved as a communicative tool. Though, digital marketing does not promise success and acceptance for all organizations as its utility and benefits are solely dependent on the right use and execution. A number of small and large organizations have been using digital marketing for their value-enhancing process. Thus, the major purpose of this discussion is to present a critical analysis and discussion of digital marketing. Along with this, the paper also conducts a digital audit on Skyscanner that is a UK based search engine website used for hiring car, booking hotels, and flights. The company has been using the digital marketing and the discussion will deal with its digital marketing practices . Skyscanner is considered as a leading and preferred travel search site offering comparative solutions for booking flights, hotels, and cars. The website also offers services pertaining to the online comparison of hundreds of flights along with offering the best solution in a quick manner. The company has a global office in the UK and has the presence in many countries. Furthermore, it offers best deals to people of different nationalities.  

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