Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Social Networking Distracting People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Social Networking Distracting People - Essay Example Social network analysis examines the social structure by applying the Theory of Graphs and identifying the entities as "nodes" or "vertices" and relationships as "links" or "edges". The structure of the graph resulting is often very complex. However, the fact remains that technology plays a crucial role in such networks in the modern day and their sophisticated networks attract people and entice them to indulge in such activities. Thus, people at work or at school, and even those in places like churches get distracted by different forms of technology. Therefore, the largest form of technology distracting people today can be perceived as social networks. With photos and status updates about one’s daily thoughts and actions, these social networks are a way for people to keep up with their friends, family, and even favorite celebrities on a daily basis (Leigh, 2011). Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and the newly added Pinterest and instaGram are swiftly growing and t aking over the attention and time of today’s generation While social networking sites can provide a place for positive interactions, unfortunately, they have becomes a places for people to be not only distracted from more important tasks but also to cause personal and public harm to others. The first recognizable social network site, six degrees.com was launched in the year 1997 and it has had the facility of enabling its users to create profiles and list and surf their friends. Though some forms of profile sharing and social contacts existed through dating and community sites prior to the advent of social networking sites, these were not so popular or common place. Besides, they were also found to be lacking many of the features that the social networking sites presently have. AIM and ICQ buddy lists supported lists of friends, although those Friends were not visible to others. On the other hand, today these same social media and social networking sites have many

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