Friday, September 27, 2019

Make for me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Make for me - Essay Example In the poem â€Å"A Letter To Sir John A. Macdonald†, Dumont writes about the wrong things that politicians and businessmen did in the history of Canada. For me, the case is not only true for Sir John A. Macdonald, but also to countless other men who have done corruption and performed wrongdoings to the country. She begins the poem quite ironically, â€Å"Dear John: I’m still here and halfbreed,† the irony is because she is proud to say upfront that she is a halfbreed, while other people look down on such halfbreeds. She has also emphasized her being a halfbreed, or Metis blood meaning that she is a mix of Caucasian and American  Indian ancestry, in the ending where she says â€Å"we’re still here and calling ourselves halfbreed†. In order to properly appreciate this poem, one must have some knowledge of Canadian history, particularly on the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, as well as the Metis uprisings. The railway was shutdown and never used, and what Macdonald did left scars in the people. Dumont pointed this out in her lines â€Å"because you know as well as I that we were railroaded by some steel tracks that didn’t last and some settlers who wouldn’t settle and it’s funny we’re still here and calling ourselves halfbreed.† Their history was one of oppression by a more pure race who looked down because their blood was mixed with different races. As for R. Zamora Linmark’s poem, it was around 1998, after the filming of Brokedown Palace in Manila, Philippines, that Claire Danes, in an interview with Premiere Magazine, said that "The city just fucking smelled of cockroaches. Theres no sewage system in Manila, and people have nothing there. People with, like, no arms, no legs, no eyes, no teeth.? Rats were everywhere...a ghastly and weird city." This prompted R. Zamora Linmark to write the ironic poem â€Å"A Letter to Claire Danes from a Fan in

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