Sunday, September 8, 2019

Marketing Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Marketing Research - Essay Example ch year, one million girls become pregnant, and $25 billion in federal funds are spent annually on families begun by teenagers for social, health welfare services. One million Americans are currently infected with HIV, and almost a quarter million have died from AIDS"(di mauro,1995). Research evidence is on record that consumer tends to regard free/subsidized goods as inferior and has general reluctance to go in for their purchase .Whereas anything priced goes through a detailed consumer decision making process in terms of exercising choice and ascertaining quality of the bought item. This holds for use of condoms too.For this reason social marketing of condoms have a market strategy to price for affluent in order to subsidize poor. DKT-Brazil is a case in point: it sells condoms at full price to some and uses some of the profits to subsidize condom sales to the poor(DKT,2002).People would tend to use more, a priced condom then a free/subsidized one. Market research is essential for successful marketing and promotion of condoms. Carefully planned research helps guide the product design and selection, package design, advertising and promotion, and distribution. Market research can also help to identify proper pricing with in various segments. The brand name and packaging leave important message for customer at the point of sale and again at the time of use and it is important that such messages facilitate purchase and use of the condoms. Quite similar to different advertising messages for varying target groups, it may be required to vary brand names and packaging messages for different target groups. Market research can help in such selection of brand names and package designs. Thus we have an effective list of data variables that a market research plan may aim to collect as pertinent information. A list of such variables is carried below. The most prominent problem in carrying out primary consumer research for Condoms is the extended and hard-shelled hesitation of

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