Friday, October 18, 2019

Lesson 13 discussion and assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lesson 13 discussion and - Assignment Example Young minds often read too deep between the lines and might spoil their constructive thoughts on such material. Again I agree with Denver that the censors often misinterpret music and do not label them justifiably. Judging both the viewpoints, I believe that PMRC’s concern was not baseless but censors might discuss with the composers before labelling and perform a survey including young people as the sample set. Labelling and preventing access to children forcefully can do justice only when the children are not aware of the presence of such music. However advertisements and posters cannot always be hidden from their eye and in an age where access to drugs and other substance are common, access to music CDs etc are also not unimaginable. Also I believe there are serious problems to tackle among young people apart from music and videos. If the children should actually be stopped to access these products then they should be banned from stores altogether or kept in separate depart ment of a store marked only for adults. However this is often not possible. Hence labelling unnecessary keeps the lawyers busy and leads to unwanted expenses of the court at times instead of serving the intended

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