Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Film analysis Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Film analysis - Movie Review Example The film generally highlights Maria Alvarez, who is a fictional character aged 17, showing her routine reality within the society. This paper will seek to analyze the film by evaluating various aspects of planning, as well as other related issues incorporated and used in Maria Full of Grace. The film Maria Full of Grace illustrates several crucial aspects that are involved in global planning, one of which is the immigration issue. In this case, immigration is defined as the movement of people from their countries of origin in order to settle in countries other than their own (LeGates & Stout 131). While immigration is caused by numerous reasons, one of the most prevalent one in the film has to do with poverty. For example, Maria Alvarez emigrates from Bogota in Colombia to New York and is lured to do so by the promise of being a drug peddler and the money that she will get from the business. Immigration has an essential part to play in urban planning, specifically because the influx of persons that the government fails to account for may lead to a crisis of population. Majority of immigrants exert additional pressure on government public facilities, including schools, hospitals, and community centers (LeGates & Stout 132). Moreover, immigration also pressures government institutions as they have to adapt to the new demands of an increasing population due to immigration. In addition, cultural facilities and other institutions are also forced to become more diversified, as well as expand their capacity in order to suit the population’s needs (Zukin 132). Thus, such influx of immigrants leads to necessary changes in the structure of public institutions in the host country. Immigration is also linked directly to cultural influences as an important factor of planning. Since urban development mainly seeks to control diverse peoples and cultures living in communities around the city, along with the need to ensure maintenance of civility and peace in

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