Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Jazz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Jazz - Essay Example Miles Davis one of the most famous jazz players worked on the modern jazz musical concepts that have helped to grow this genre to a next level. The very first jazz melody â€Å"Agitation† gives the listener a very exotic feeling by using his trumpet. It combines the different aspects from the musical perspectives. The song follows quick transitions with specific background sounds. The background music keeps the flow of the music steady and continuous. The trumpet is used throughout the music owing to its main emphasis on the intensity to the certain point it shows. Miles Davis improvisation in this specific type of Jazz know as Modal Jazz music has helped specifically to stretch out the harmony of the music into certain parts which makes the it more systematic and helps the music to proceed in an organized manner. Miles Davis stretched out certain improvements in different types of Jazz music, such as bebop, hard bop, cool jazz, modal jazz and jazz fusion. This specific piece from Miles Davis joins in with different instruments to give the feel of the environment producing a story of its sort. This modal jazz requires knowledge of musical nodes beforehand. Miles Davis, the most well-known protagonist of Jazz Music history had been on top of creating creative method for Modal Jazz. The video specifically has piano to create the specific background rhyme to the music that follows throughout the length of the video. Throughout the video there are specific changes in the chords which at times follow a certain transition and after a break follow another set of harmonies. In its historical aspect, this piece shows the jazz music that followed up in the 60’s. Miles Davis, who was a pro trumpeter, performed his music based either solo or like in the video, along with different instruments such as French horn, Tuba, Wood winds. The video reflects on the charismatic methods of attaining the attention by progressive music. This video stretches

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