Monday, June 24, 2019

Conclusion Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Conclusion - Dissertation ExampleIn the context of the political dimension and its correlation with the Saudi media, we infer that it is impossible to discriminate the function of the information media from the general policy of the Saudi government, which is a written constringe policy. The SPA - Saudi Press Agency contributed as an intermediary surrounded by the agenda of the Saudi Arabian government and the work of the Saudi information media. The Saudi Ministry of Information appoints Editor-in-Chief who decides that what should be published and should not be published in the Saudi press and he is also completely accountable in front of the legal prosecutor of the state. The purpose of adopting this measure is to ensure that the newspapers in Saudi Arabia follow the path that has been designed for them so as to preserve the Saudi Arabian society as a conservative Islamic society, in its nature. The interrogation findings through the content analysis shed light on why the Sa udi press paid emphasis to the Bahraini conflict from the perspective of the legions regime in Saudi Arabia. Firstly, the Saudi Arabian journalists were obligated by the Saudi Ministry of Information to provide state perspective or agenda to the Saudi people and Saudi society as a whole. Greater attention is given to the news belonging to the industrialized countries of the world such as the UK and the US. On the reasons for the dominance of Western and American news content could be the chess game of politics as the Saudi Arabia supports these states and their governments. The geographic proximity, political and trade factors had influenced the amount of coverage given by the Saudi Arabian print media to the conflict in Bahrain. The Saudi media is viewed as an instrument of the state policy since it is governed indirectly by the Saudi government. It is can be expected that the policy of the Saudi government would be carried out from the media itself without showing any resistance. More particularly, the coverage of the activities of the Saudi government by the Saudi press would be positive in tone. Research Categories When creating categories for the content analysis, the newspaper content was classified with respect to the expanded and reformulated version of categories employed by Stevenson, et al. (Stevenson et al., 1990 197-199). A shortened description of these categories is provided below Category A is classified as the main news topics, that include political, economic, military/defence, social service, education, religion, sport, crime/law/justice, natural disasters/accident, bionomics/environment, multiple issues and many others. Category B is classified as the type of news. The selected types of news can be further divided into three categories local or domestic news, international news that involves KSA and some other country irrespective of its geographical location and foreign news that has no association with KSA. Category C is classified as t he tone of the main news topic, which can be further classified as either positive or negative. This judgment was establish on whether the news and its tone were favourable to the interests of KSA and the US. Therefore, the news items that emphasised only the causes or issues (such as discrimination, injustice, etc.) behind the situation in Bahrain were classified as having a negative

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